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Public Transportation Accidents

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Public Transportation Accidents

    For personal injury cases the initial consultation is free! Our law firm has extensive experience in handling claims involving public transportation.  For example, we have represented people who were injured resulting from the negligence of a bus driver.  We have litigated cases involving injuries on escalators operated by MARTA where the design and operation of the escalator was faulty.  One claim we recently handled against MARTA involved a child who was partially scalped on an escalator when his head hit a piece of Plexiglas that was protruding from a partial wall adjacent to the escalator.   

      If you or someone you know has been hurt in a public transportation accident, you should immediately seek medical attention, report the incident to the public transportation company, and seek professional advice from an experienced lawyer.  We offer you a free initial consultation to discuss your claim.  These claims are normally handled on a contingency basis so you pay no attorneys fees out of your pocket – all fees are paid from any settlement or verdict at the conclusion of the case.