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Car Accidents

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Car Accidents

    For personal injury cases the initial consultation is free! When you are in a car accident with an uninsured driver, recovering damages can be extremely difficult.  Even uninsured motorist insurance can fall short of making you whole.  Insurance companies have their own lawyers and so should you.  Sometimes you have to sue your own insurance company.  Our law firm has an excellent record of dealing successfully with the largest insurance companies in the United States.  Insurance companies count on confusion and frustration to try to make you give up.  We take over the battle for you. 

      Trucks account for over a quarter of all traffic fatalities involving interstate highway accidents.  Trucking accidents can be caused by a wide variety of negligence, including: 

  1. Trucking company neglecting proper maintenance of rig

  2. Truck drivers not taking required rest breaks

  3. Truck drivers plowing into an accident

  4. Trucks carrying unsafe loads

  5. Undertrained truck drivers

  6. Government lack of oversight


      The law firm of Weiner, Yancey, Dempsey & Diggs LLP is well versed in trucking rules and regulations.  Our experience allows us to cut to the chase when it comes to knowing where to look for potential liability. 

      Since truck accidents frequently involve injury it is important for the accident victim to turn the claim over to lawyers experienced in this field so that they can focus on their recovery.  In the case of a wrongful death claim it is even more important to have an experienced lawyer to focus on your case while you take care of the important things: recovery, grief, and helping the injured family.  The fair and just compensation we will endeavor to get for you will help you move on.